10 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Mom

MomOne of the hardest accomplishments for women is to carry a baby for nine months and bringing it into the world. And for that, it would be a good idea to honor a new mom and show how she deserves a care and love through excellent gifts. If you are looking for one for a dear friend or a lover, here are some great gift ideas you can choose from.

Personal Service

Being a new mom is both joyful and exciting experience, but it is inevitable to get stressed and exhausted over so many things that can be physically and mentally overwhelming. Therefore, through a personal service, you can provide an excellent gift that you are sure to be appreciated by the new mom. There are plenty of services you can do for her, such as house cleaning, auto washing, shopping, pet care, laundry duties, cooking, taking care of the errands, babysitting, and the like.

Make a Creative Gift

Out of your creativity and skill, you can create a wonderful baby book that would surely bring smile to the face of the new mom. Creating a baby book can be as easy as taking pictures and pasting them on a scrapbook. All moms relish taking pictures of their precious little one to capture first moments.

But if your friend is too exhausted to do the photography, you can do it yourself and be creative on presenting them. All the necessary items and materials needed to make a baby book can be purchased at a local craft store.

Spa Gift

SpaA pampering gift would definitely be great for a new mom. You can send her to a luxurious spa where she can enjoy a day of relaxation while you are taking care of her baby. Or, you can create a beautiful gift basket that is filled with spa supplies like bubble bath, bath salt, shampoo and soap, lotion, scented candles, and other aromatherapy items.


MusicIf you know the favorite songs of the new mom, you can compile those and burn with a CD. You may also consider a CD of lullaby songs and nursery rhymes to help her soothe her little one.


JewelryThe best present for a new mom is sometimes just a token of how much she is still loved, like jewelry. A diamond gift is a perfect way to show her that your love for her will last through the tides of time

Parenting Book

A Parenting book gift can help a new mom learn some techniques of raising her baby in the right way. It’s a special give any new parent would love to have.

Baby Clothes

Although she may have bought some earlier, supplementing her stock will give her enough time to tend to the baby without thinking of restocking her baby’s clothes and accesories.

Baby Crib

A baby crib is also another gift that could be useful to a new mom. It doesn’t have to be new, just give it to her provided it’s still in good shape.

Exercise Equipment

The pregnancy stage normally makes most women add weight. Providing a new mom with an exercise equipment to help her lose weight can be a great gift.


For a lover of chocolates, the pregnancy period means no chocolates until after birth. A gift voucher of a chocolate box will be highly appreciated.

These are some pretty cool ideas when you wonder what would be appropriate gift for a new mom. Choose one of those and  they will be forever grateful.

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