Handy Gifts For Every Mom

Mom and sonBecoming a mother is one of the most special gifts to any woman. After the nine months, every mom can hold her bundle of joy. Apart from her baby nothing will warm the heart of a new mother like gift vouchers from her loved ones. Here are just 10 of the gifts that you can get for a mom.

1. Diaper Bag

Being a new mom does not mean forgoing their sense of style. You can look for a stylish diaper bag that the new mom can carry everywhere. You can look for a simple bag that she can wear without any outfit.

2. Nursing Pillow

Nursing can be uncomfortable especially when the mother does not have a good pillow. Look for a pillow that is firm and soft. Go for one that has an adjustable belt for comfort.

3. Rocking Chair

Rocking ChairThis is a suitable gift especially when the mother starts breastfeeding. It will also come in handy during those times when the baby does not sleep at night. Get a rocking chair that will add detail to the living room.

4. Necklace

NecklaceIt is very hard to separate a woman from jewelry. Buying a necklace for the new mother is a good idea. The necklace will be great for her collection of jewelry. You can never go wrong with such a gift.

5. Gift Cards

These make a good present. Furthermore, you can add a note to make it personal. You can have a gift card from iTunes entertainment, rightbrainbabies gift voucher, local spa and even coffee shop.

6. Nursing Clothes

Nursing has its own share of ups and downs. One of them is regards to the clothing. You can make it easier for the new mother by giving her suitable clothes for nursing.

7. Picture Frame

Picture frameA picture frame will come in handy for the new mother to put pictures of her newborn. You can go for something unique like a digital picture frame.

8. Diapers

Getting the new mom a pack of diapers will take them a long way. Always go for a size up since babies outgrow the small size quickly. You will save them the headache of having to buy diapers every now and then. You can also give her a gift voucher to have diapers delivered.

9. Fun Slipper

Buying a fun slipper will be great especially during the time she has to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby.

10. Nook color

Waking up at night requires switching on the lights and this can wake up the baby. Getting the new mom a nook color will make it easy for her to feed the baby.


These are just the 10 gifts that you can buy for the new mom in your life. By getting her any of the above gifts, you will help her celebrate welcome her newborn. Take a look at these mother & child gift cards and if you still can’t make up your mind about this decision take a look at some more gift ideas for every mom.

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